Bubbles- The Savior

Bubbles – The Savior

Onia, a courageous nine-year-old girl, was looking forward to going
on her next fishing trip with Chimpu, her father. He was a fisherman
and she helped out whenever she could. Onia was cheerful and full of
life. She loved sailing and fishing. Actually, Onia loved salty water splashing
on her face. Weird, but she liked the taste of salty water too. She would dive
into the ocean whenever her dad would permit it. The ocean was too rough
and choppy most of the time but there were a few safe places to swim. She
was an expert swimmer. She always had different stories to tell to her many
friends after her fishing trips. She was really good at telling stories. She made them interesting and humorous.
When they finally set sail, they caught something big in the net. “Oh boy,”
she said, “it’s a baby whale!” Her father was sleeping below so she decided not
to wake him. “I should let him go,” she said to herself. She went to the net………………